Q:What is the Big Apple Circus and what does it do?
A:You can learn about our not-for-profit organization in the About Us section. Learn about our outreach programs in Community Programs area of the About Us section.

Q:Is the Big Top wheelchair accessible?
A:The Big Top is completely wheelchair accessible and wheelchairs can be accommodated in Box seats if arrangements are made in advance. Restroom facilities are also wheelchair accessible. To purchase wheelchair accessible Box seats call (800) 922-3772.

Q:Where do I find ticket and tour information?
A:You can find ticket and tour information and purchase tickets now in the Buy Tickets section. You can also get information about the current production by clicking on About The Show.

Q:How long is the performance?
A:The performance is 1 hour and 50 minutes long, including a 15-minute intermission.

Q:Can I take photos during the performance?
A:The use of flash cameras or recording devices is strictly prohibited. However, you may take photos without flash.

Q:Are tickets exchangeable or refundable?
A:Once the purchase is final, tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded. Please be sure to double check your tickets before you finish your ticket purchase.

Q:Where is the Circus performing now?
A:You can find everything you need to know to attend our shows in the Buy Tickets section. Venues are listed in Buy Tickets in date order.

Q:Where are travel directions to performances?
A:Within each venue listed in the Getting There section in the venue specific Buy Tickets section. When you click on the link to directions, a pop-up window appears with directions and a map to the venue you are exploring.

Q:What is the current show about?
A:Check out About the Show, in the Buy Tickets section, where you will find descriptions and images to fill you in on the new show.

Q:Where do I find information on group sales?
A:Visit our Corporate Events / Group Sales section which contains answers to all of your questions. If you have a question that is not answered on the page or to schedule an event, please be in touch by email or call Paula Barlow at (212) 268-2500.

Q:What is the best seat location? Can you see from the last row?
A:Every seat in the Big Apple Circus tent is less than 50 feet away from the ring. There is a total of just 16 rows in the whole tent so you'll feel like you're a part of the excitement and wonder of the performance from every seat.

Q:What are the differences between the different seating sections?
A:Ringside seats are the first 8 rows and they completely surround the ring (these are the closest seats). Box seats are the 9th and 10th rows and completely surround the Ringside seats. Mezzanine seats are rows 11 thru 16 and they surround the Box seats.

Q:What are the seats like?
A:The Big Apple Circus has a comfortable seating system. The seats are individual, molded plastic seats just like those found in an arena. Box seats are individual, padded chairs.

Q:Is the tent heated / air- conditioned?
A:Yes it is, for the benefit of all of our performers ? animals and people alike. Your comfort is of great concern to us while you are at the show.

Q:Do you perform rain or shine?
A:Yes, the performance takes place under our Big Top, which is fully weatherproof.

Q:Do I have to pay for my child?
A:Children under 3 are free when they sit on an adult's lap. One child per lap.

Q:Do you have restrooms?
A:Yes, the Big Apple Circus is fully equipped with wheelchair accessible, sanitary facilities. And for our little ones, we also have baby-changing stations.

Q:Can you buy food and souvenirs at the Big Top?
A:Yes, the Big Apple Circus has a wide variety of delectable treats and exciting merchandise for both children and adults.

Q:What time do I need to arrive for the show?
A:Doors open 1 hour before each performance.

Q:What does General Admission seating mean?
A:General Admission means the audience is seated on a first-come, first-served basis. Remember: doors open 1 hour before each performance.

Q:Is the show good for children and adults?
A:Yes, the Big Apple Circus is the highest quality live family entertainment. It brings wonder, joy, laughter and awe to people of all ages.

Q:Do you have elephants or other exotic animals? Are there any animals?
A:Yes, we have animals - most often horses and dogs. We do not have tigers, lions or elephants. Like the human performers in our circus, our animal partners exhibit extraordinary talent and intelligence. Find out more in Animal Care in the About Us section.

Q:Are your clowns scary?
A:Our clowns are warm, friendly, and non-intimidating. They don't wear scary wigs or make-up. Clowns are one of the best features of the Big Apple Circus.

Q:How do I make a donation?
A:You're wonderful for asking! We really appreciate your support. At the very bottom of all of the website pages is a Support Our Programs button, this is a link to make a donation. You can make donations specifically to any of our Community Programs: Clown CareSM, Vaudeville CaravanSM, Circus After School®, Circus For All®, or Circus Of The Senses®. Or you can make a general donation to help support our performance unit.

Q:Where does the revenue from tickets sales go?
A:Big Apple Circus is a not-for-profit organization committed to kids and their families. Ticket revenue not only pays for admission to the finest live family entertainment but also supports other Big Apple Circus programs. It supports programs such as: Clown Care (SM) brings laughter and joy to the bedsides of acutely and chronically ill children year-round (at 19 hospital facilities across the country). Circus For All!® is a Big Apple Circus program that distributes more than 50,000 free and subsidized tickets to public school groups and to organizations serving economically disadvantaged children enabling them to experience the joy, magic and wonder of the circus, many for the first time. Circus of the Senses® is an adapted version of each new Big Apple Circus show designed to meet the needs of children who are blind or vision-impaired and/or deaf or hearing-impaired. Circus After School® is an arts and education school program for at-risk children that fosters self-esteem, discipline, and teamwork. For more information on these programs please visit Community Programs Section.

Q:How do I learn about job opportunities at the Big Apple Circus?
A:It's easy. Explore the Employment section, and let us know if your skills and experience are just what we've been looking for.

Q:What is your privacy policy?
A:Here at the Big Apple Circus, we recognize that visitors to our site are concerned about the information they provide to us, and how we treat that information. So we've developed a Privacy Statement and our own beliefs about what's right in this sensitive area.

Q:You didn't answer my question. Who should I contact?
A:From Contact Us you can email us directly from our site. We are always happy to hear from you, please don't hesitate to be in touch. We'll reply with an answer as soon as possible.

Q:How can I find the right person to contact at the Big Apple Circus?
A:It's easy. You can head directly to a complete list of contacts within Our Team. If you don't find who you are looking for, drop us a note in the Contact Us section.

Q:I'm having trouble using your site, who do I contact?
A:The easiest thing to do is to send us a note by emailing You can do this right now from the Contact Us section.

Q:How do I contact the Big Apple Circus?
A:You have several options. Go to the Contact Us section where you can email us directly from our site. If you prefer, do it the old fashioned way and be in touch by writing. Drop us a note anytime by mailing to:
Big Apple Circus
One Metrotech Center North
3rd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201
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