Quinterion Troupe

The Quinterion Troupe graduated from the State Artistic Institute of Hungary in 2007, under the coaching of Laszló Tóth. They had previously performed for five years in countries including Cyprus, Italy, Czech Republic, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, and France. The group includes members Enik? Hajagos, Gergely Bagdi, Richard Kiss, and Zoltán Sz?ts. In 2010, in partnership with the Maciva Master Studio, they created their new act and participated in three famous European festivals. Among their awards, they received the Bronze Elephant at the 9th International Festival of Young Circus Artists in the prestigious Nikulin Circus in Moscow. Their banquine act combines Hungarian folk dance and varied hand-to-hand acrobatics with a pinch of youthful joy and romance. Most recently, the group spent ten months performing at the Royal Palace in France.